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There are videos playing on this screen, you can press the stop button on it if you want to. Welcome to Please visit the other pages on this website and the other links. Links to my other website pages on the next page of Music and Video, contact is available on this site. Please also send comments and inquiries through the Contact page on this website.

That's me in that picture, incase that wasn't obvious to you.

Buy my book and mail it to me with return mail to you and I'll sign it. When you buy it, you can ship it to me to sign it if you send me a addressed and postaged envelope for a hard copy book. Look under Current of Books on here. Buy my cards, they're in a magazine form that you can cut and laminate yourself, and can be shipped to you. YOu will connect to another website to fill in the information to have them shipped and pay for them when you click the red button to each card or book.

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This is NOT a social network website. This website for Patricia Irish, Patricia Irish Entertainment and Services (PIES), and Patricia Irish retail. Magazines published by Patricia Irish are currently accepting submissions. Read the current magazine issues here online that are available in print.

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more videos on here and on the other website linked to this one. click the link to my other website to see the videos. this site is being edited still.

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